Residential Title Services

Residential Title Services,Without
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How can you really be sure your home belongs to you? With a thorough title search and an effective title insurance policy, you can both rest assured that your home belongs to you, and, if something unexpected arises, that your family will remain financially protected from a potential title disaster. 

Guiding Homebuyers Through Every Stage of the Closing Process

When the average person signs paperwork to buy a home, they may be singing hundreds of pages of documents many of which they have barely read. And, while you don’t have to go to law school to understand the home purchase process, it can certainly help to have an experienced title agency attorney on your side. Unlike doing everything yourself, or working with a hands-off title company, we can make sure that you’re not signing anything that you don’t understand and help you avoid making any decisions that could negatively affect you and your family’s financial future.

Knowlege Can Help You Avoid Major Title Pitfalls

While you might already know that it’s important to have a thorough title search conducted and to get title insurance, you might not fully understand the risks of avoiding this kind of protection. Some of the most common title issues (i.e. the ones that could affect your ability to actually ‘own’ your home) include: 

Why Homeowners Need Both Lender’s and Owner’s Title Insurance 

If you have a mortgage, lenders will require that you have a lender’s title insurance policy, which will protect them in the case that an unanticipated title problem interferes with your ability to pay off your home or residential property loan.

Lender’s title policies are usually paid for by the buyer, but in some localities, the seller may customarily pick up the tab. Despite the necessity of lender’s title insurance, it doesn’t do anything to protect the owner of the property which is why you’ll need to have an owner’s title insurance policy as well. An owner’s policy won’t just protect you from the price of your property, it will also pay to mount a legal defense of your property rights in court  making sure that you’re fully protected. 

So, if you’re looking for residential title insurance in Florida, it pays to consult with the experts at Sterling Title Partners to learn how you can save money while protecting your right to own your property. 


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